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The Sweet Lobby

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635 Reviews

635 Reviews


On Thursday March 27th, 2014 at 6:34pm, I ordered cupcakes over the phone. The young lady I spoke to took my credit card information, my name, and e-mail address. Then asked me the time and day I would to pick up the cupcakes. I asked, “What’s the earliest I can pick them up.” She told me, “We open at 10:30 am so anytime after that.” I agreed to pick up my order at 11:00am on Saturday March 29th, 2014.

I arrived at Sweet Lobby at 11:07am to pick up order. The young lady at the front desk helped me out. She asked for my name and went to the back. She came back again and asked my name again. She then came back with a red book and told me I didn’t have an order. She then asked what I ordered, I told her my order. She then went on to say well we have all the cupcakes here. She then asked, “do you remember who you spoke to”, I said, “No.” She then said, “Oh maybe Ashley was here.” I asked her, “You don’t know who was here at that time?” “ You don’t have a system where you can track who works on a certain day?” There has to be a way to keep track of manpower. I also asked is there is a supervisor or someone that I can speak to. I wasn’t upset because my order wasn’t ready, but by her nonchalant attitude. I was expressing my frustration and even said, “I don’t even get an apology.” She told me, “You didn’t let me get to that!” Is that how someone conducts business and treats their customers? I don’t think so, my family has been in business since I can remember and we always put the customer first. Her and the other gentleman at the front desk were acting as if I was bothering them.

I still bought the cupcakes because of a commitment I already made and didn’t have time to go elsewhere. She went on to pack my cupcakes, and I paid for my order. The gentleman said he gave me a discount, what a joke! I order sixteen cupcakes and he gave me two dollars off!

When I arrived home I noticed she did not close me box all the way. She stacked the boxes in the bag. She didn’t close the box at the bottom of the bag. All of the frosting to the cupcakes was stuck at the top of the box. If she had closed the box correctly but cupcakes would have been intact. I didn’t spend my money for messy cupcakes and a box that was not closed completely.

This upset me; I called Sweet Lobby and spoke to Kyle. I asked to speak to a supervisor, manager or owner. He stated there is no one of authority to speak to, but he can help me. He was very polite and advised me that if the boxes were not on a flat surface the cupcakes would get ruined. I told him that the cupcakes were not moved around but that the frosting went everywhere because the box was not closed completely. He took my information (name and phone number), told me he would pass on this information and someone would call me.

I was a big fan of The Sweet Lobby; I even recommended many friends and family because of the service and goods. I feel as if my business was not a big deal to the employees of Sweet Lobby.


The cupcakes look great and them being winners of "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network set a pretty high expectation, but the results were mixed. We picked up four cupcakes: Sweet Potato, Cinnamon Apple, Boston Creme, and Smores. Both the Sweet Potato and Apple were pretty amazing, but both the two chocolate-based ones didn't taste like much of anything -- neither the cake nor the frosting. At $2.75 per cupcake even the best tasting ones I think are just more of a novelty once-in-a-while thing. Great for presentation/looks though.


I was shocked to see some of the negative reviews. The shop is small and I can imagine it gets overwhelmed when lots of people go in at once. I think it's quaint and the service was efficient. We tried two cupcakes (green tea and a cool dragon one) and six macaroons. Both types of sweets were excellent! I was introduced to macaroons by a wonderful pastry chef and the ones from the Sweet Lobby were some of the best I've ever had! Seriously. The texture and flavors are fantastic!


I needed 3 dozen cupcakes FAST!!!! And not being from the DC area I didn't know who to get them from, so I search for cupcake places near Ft. McNair and found The Sweet Lobby. The hardest part about going there was choosing which cupcakes to get, there were so many different kinds to choose from, so I got at least one of each and they were ALL so good; I had 4 different ones!! They even had several different vegan cupcakes.

I will stop at The Sweet Lobby every time I go to DC.


This place has such warm and delicious cupcakes. Which only a warm and caring company could provide the girl behind the register that looks like mariah Carey had an awesome smile ill be back for both food and service


Had the sweet potato and cheese cake cupcakes - amazing. They have so many unique varieties! I actually happened to come when the owner was there. Super nice and an inspiring story. I def plan to check it out again next time I'm in DC.


This is one of the better places in dc to get macaroons. I have tried finding macaroons in the dc and this is one of the best in town. The macaroons come in a few flavored and they are all good! Great idea for a present is a box of macaroons. I always bring my young cousins here and they love the macaroons. I haven't tried everything else here but I'm sure its all good.


Even though I'd never been to this location before, I bought into the hype and decided to purchase around $40 worth of product for a coworker's baby shower when we were asked to bake or purchase our favorite cookies for a afternoon snack/tea party.

I thought the macarons would be a good "cookie" to bring to a tea party, though I also purchased some madeleines and shortbread cookies while I was there.

On my metro ride from Eastern Market to McPherson Square, I though of writing a note with a disclaimer that I actually have not yet tried these products, and thus they are not my favorite and they are not a representation of me. I definitely should have written that note, because boy, these desserts were disappointing.

The macarons were so sweet, I think I could eat a 6 pack of Oreos without consuming as much sugar that one of those macarons contained. All of my coworkers commented on how pretty the macarons looked, but looks can only get you so far. Out of about a dozen different dessert options brought by my coworkers, those macarons were the last items standing, and not in a good way.

The shortbread cookies were my favorite of the three products I purchased, though they were no Lorna Doone, or Girl Scout Cookies even.

The madeleines were a nice form of carbs to stick in my mouth for breakfast before I arrived to work.

I was planning to give The Sweet Lobby the benefit of the doubt and go back and try their cupcakes before I gave them a 2 star review, but after visiting Macaron Bee and absolutely loving their product, I'm betting that if the macarons at The Sweet Lobby paled in comparison to Macaron Bee, their cupcakes will also pale in comparison to my favorite cupcakeries.

I will not be back, though I guess it was good for me that the only person that seemed to enjoy the goodies I purchased from The Sweet Lobby was our Executive Director. Brownie Points for me!


Excellent customer service and very delicious cupcakes!!


This place is delicious! I had macarons for the first time here and was blown away. I also really like their green tea cupcakes. It even cap with a green tea macaron on top. If I lived closer to this place I would go more often than was healthy for me. My friend from out of town loved it too.


I've had genuine macarons from France before and while Sweet Lobby is fairly decent, it does not hold up to the standards of Pierre Herme, Francois Payard, or Laduree. Of course, given that it's DC, Sweet Lobby does a pretty good job of being one of the better macaron shops.

Located in Eastern Market, Sweet Lobby is a very small shop that specializes in macarons and cupcakes but also make other pastries like madeleines, eclairs, etc. Their owner actually won Food Network's Cupcake Wars once, so they get that prestige and honor. Prices are pretty reasonable - $2.75 for a cupcake and $1.80 for a macaron. $29 for a dozen cupcakes and $10.50 for a box of six macarons and $27 for the Barracks Row box (16 macarons). So if you purchase more, you pay less per macaron or cupcake. There are a range of flavors that vary from day to day. Similar to Georgetown Cupcake, they have daily flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but they also post their day-to-day flavors like chocolate mint, s'mores, or green tea pistachio on their website.

When I came here, I ordered two macarons. I ended up getting green tea and rose. The macarons were decent, although the shell was a little hard since it was closing time and I imagine they had been sitting there all day. However, the flavors of the green tea and rose were evident. I've definitely had better macarons, but they are not bad for this area. And the prices are very cheap compared to other cupcakeries. I've seen pictures of macarons on top of cupcakes which looked really good. I'll have to try one another time. As I mentioned before, it's a tiny shop but it is very homey and cozy inside. The staff all seem very friendly too (although given that they deal with sweets 24/7, how can you not be?).

If you've got a sweet tooth, check out Sweet Lobby.


A wide range of great flavors of gourmet cupcakes. The service was pretty good. I would definitely go back.


I love getting macarons for Sweet Lobby. I went there so often the one of the people that works there started to recognize me. I miss it because I'm back in West Virginia. I'll be back once I get back to DC. Also I love the red velvet, birthday cake, chocolate, pb&j, and key lime macarons. The mint ones too


I am not a big fan of cupcakes, but Sweet Lobby has perfected the only cupcake in the city I like. If you are not a big fan of excess frosting like at Georgetown Cupcakes, try Sweet Lobby's Chocolate Hazelnut cupcake. Best cupcake place in DC...hands down!


Because it was unique and top of the line I just loved the flavor.


Amazing macarons!


Food: 4

Decor: 4

Service: 4

Came here to grab some macarons after a disappointing dinner at Good Stuff Eatery.

1. Hazelnut praline salted caramel

~Pretty good. Their most popular and recommended flavor, but it seemed a bit overhyped.

2. Passion fruit milk chocolate

~Really good. Passion fruit was bold, and it worked very well with the chocolate.

Service was friendly, and they immediately stocked empty cupcakes with new batches.


Absolutely amazing. They made cupcakes for our wedding. The order came exactly as promised and every guest was impressed by the quality and decadence. Chris is great to work with and really knows the product. Recommend trying the Mississippi pie cupcake.


The macaroons are out of this world!! The cupcakes are good but this is the spot for macaroons!!


Cupcakes and macaroons were amazing! Try their green tea and pistachio cupcake


I got 3 cupcakes, banana foster, Mississippi cheesecake and pineapple inside out and all 3 were good. Banana foster was the best. Definitely a place to revisit!


Blueberry Lemon & Thyme absolutely wonderful.


Nice cupcakes


I recently placed a custom order of two dozen cocktail cupcakes for a surprise birthday party! I was super impressed with the accommodating spirit of the staff. Although, I was not originally aware of the "cocktail cupcakes" option, they were perfect for the adult birthday party. I ordered Pina Colada and Cherry Amaretto flavors both of which were a hit with the guests.

Most importantly, I LOVE supporting minority-owned and small businesses. I will definitely utilize their services again!


OMG!!!! These cupcakes are the worse that i have ever had! The frosting was made out of pure Crisco. No flavor except for whipped shortening they used to make the frosting. The cake was so dry that i could barely swallow it. I bought 12 for my sister's birthday and ended up throwing them away because we couldn't eat them. I wanted to try something new instead of buying a cake from Giant. But i'll be back at Giant tomorrow to get a cake that i know is good and can be eaten. I should have saved one of those cupcakes for people to taste and trust me, i won't have to say a word about how awful they are coz the taste will speak for itself. I can't imagine how you stay in business.


Amazing underrated cupcakes. A jewel...


I am not a troll, I'm so for promoting black owned businesses but their cupcakes are disgusting, those reviews must be lying I went today 3/3/17 , I got 6 cupcakes it's not the cupcakes itself that's really the issue but the waxy , unsweetened frosting leaves a bad taste, I literally just called back for a refund


Both the cupcakes and the macarons are yummy, but if you had to pick one, go for the macarons. The flavors are extremely distinct and packed in every bite. If you can't get to Barrack's Row, they also sell their macarons in Whole foods in the DMV.


The place is small but the mararon's are very good but a everything can get a bit pricey


A little pricey, but very good tasting cupcakes, that look fantastic!


I stopped in and tried their macaroons. Not bad, but I have had better.


Its not what it seems. Unless you like bland cupcakes, I dont think this is the place for you.


They are awesome. Made my daughter's 16th birthday sleepover delicious. The girls loved every cupcake. Thanks for being awesome and delivering to the house.


Be mindful that they don’t open as advertised so you don’t waste your time waiting. Call ahead of time. They may not answer your call but it’s better to confirm they are opened for business first prior to showing up at their shop. I showed up at 10am on Saturday (hours of operation listed on their front door states they are open 10am-10pm on Saturdays) and by 1030am they still did not open their doors for business even though I could see someone was inside “prepping”. I called to ask when they are actually opening and no one would pick up their telephone. Apparently they can afford a missed opportunity for business.


The sweets are kept in unclosed shelves. I have visited the store on more than one occasion and there have been flies flying around and sometimes sitting on the cup cakes. I even saw a nat stuck to the icing on one of the cup cakes. I suggest taking your time when selecting a sweet, to see if there are flies in the store and landing on the merchandise.


Best Red velvet cupcakes around! Staff are amazing! Plenty of options and prices are in line with quality and location


Prices were decent. I bought 4 macaroons and 3 were hard/stale which was a big disappointment. I sampled cupcakes and found that I loved the Lemon but the Rose was not exciting. I would go back for that Lemon cupcake.


The most decedent, sinful and utterly mouth watering Parisian macaroons and cupcakes you will have in your life. My shame is I will not share these Delectables with ANYONE...


Honestly their cupcakes taste weird but it keeps you coming back like there's crack in it.

And for some reason they phone stay off the hook. Being that they are a small business they don't have every flavor all the time so I be tryna call my plug and they don't answer.

Ps I'm not a fan of really sweet foods so their cupcakes match my style.


This was the cutest place (and love the clever name!). We arrived quite late in the evening after dinner at another restaurant, however the owner(?) was very friendly and welcoming. They were out of most of their products by then but we scored one of their popular bourbon pecan cupcakes. I really can't stand liquor in any baked goods but oddly enough, this cupcake was killer. The bourbon was subtle and somehow added a perfect layer of flavor to the rest of the cupcake. I also got a vanilla cupcake but wish I'd just stuck with the pecan cupcakes. Yummy!


I rang their telephone number several times to find out if they have caneles. Automated message - sorry, cannot connect call. I drive FORTY FIVE minutes, circle around looking for parking, and finally there to be told they do not have caneles. I was directed to their sister store, which is suppose to be within two blocks on the opposite side of the street. I walk through the rain, and cannot find this store. Stop in businesses and no one knows of this store. Walk back to Sweet Lobby - “it’s our sister store and it closed at 2pm.” I was directed AT FOUR PM to a store that is CLOSED??!

NEVER EVER AGAIN! I WAS a potential new customer. NOPE!

I’m so glad I didn’t buy anything from these people. There are many good reviews but pay attention to the consistency of what is detailed in the poor reviews - stale, flies, and bad customer service.


Only one of the 9 flavors of macarons I bought was fresh. The rest were dry and barely edible. I can think of at least a dozen better ways to waste $40.


Awesome hidden gem. Won't tell my favorite otherwise everyone will buy them and they will run out before I get there! Definitely worthy of cupcake honors!


Wanna take my niece for her 3rd bday so excited🤩


Amazing cupcakes, great flavors and very moist. You will not be disappointed! This unassuming cupcake shop puts other more popular DC cupcake establishments to shame. Do yourself a favor and go taste some of the best cupcakes DC has to offer, the Strawberry Champagne and Sweet Potato are both a must try!


Amazing cupcakes! I love the rotating daily menu. Great staff. This is a must-do in the cupcake world ❤️


I love their cupcakes and icing. I asked the lady if I can buy a tub of buttercream. Lol. I seriously want to go back and try their macarons.


My office has ordered cupcakes from Sweet Lobby many times over the last five years, and despite the quality of the cupcakes, we won't be ordering from them again.

Don't get me wrong, the cupcakes themselves are amazing. We always get a vanilla and chocolate assortment - the cupcakes are light and fluffy and the icing is not too much or too sweet. We even prefer them over Georgetown, though we like Buzz Bakery the best.

However, the last several times we've ordered from them, they have been delivered late. Sweet Lobby has a very inexpensive delivery charge of $5, and they give the option of two delivery windows (11-1 and 1-4). That large of a delivery window is unusual in DC - most places have a half hour window. Despite choosing a three hour delivery window, the cupcakes always seem to arrive 30 minutes to an hour after the delivery window is closed. This is a problem for an office where we have lunch, meetings, etc. at a certain hour. The last time we ordered, I selected the 11-1 delivery window because we have teleworkers who come in for a half day, it was one of their birthdays, and we wanted to have cupcakes before they left for their job sites. The cupcakes were finally delivered at 1:45 after three phone calls to the store (we were given the excuse that they were running a little late). The employees we were celebrating had already left for their job sites. Another time we had a 3:30 meeting. the cupcakes arrived at 5 pm, a full hour after the delivery window ended, and everyone had already left for the day. I find it very unprofessional to quote a three hour delivery window and deliver after it has ended. Their response to my concerns was to give us free macarons, which, while nice, didn't make up for the late delivery.

We had another issue this time which was new, they mixed up two orders and charged us incorrectly. I pointed it out and they said they would send me a new corrected receipt and refund. This took about two hours and another phone call. The original quote had been about $45, the incorrect receipt states $58, and the new "corrected" receipt was $65. I thought this was a bit ridiculous since it was their mistake to charge us incorrectly and give us someone else's receipt - I thought they might just let us have the discount for the trouble with delivery.

These issues are enough for us to choose other bakeries in the future, but I want to reiterate that the cupcakes themselves are wonderful.


I was so excited to go to Sweet Lobby while visiting in DC. Had seen them on cupcake wars so I was feeling a bit star struck hoping to meet the owner. The shop was hard to find as it was soooo small. There was, maybe, a handful of different flavors. There were 2 people in there. One behind the little counter and one playing on a tablet at the only place to sit in the place. I was majorly disappointed. BTW, the cupcakes were just ok.


Cupcakes always fresh very polite and friendly fast customer service


I love this place and have been visiting here since it's opening. However tonight I went in and the employee was on the phone during my entire visit. When I inquired about a particular flavor of macaron I did not see she "kindly" handed me a business card. She told me to call and make the inquiry at another time. I still will visit this establishment but hopefully the owner and/or manager will read this and take action.


The cupcakes were super moist and super delicious! They will definitely be my go-to cupcake spot going forward!


I was kinda disappointed. I expected the cupcakes to be bigger, they were normal small sized. I was also unimpressed with the presentation. They didn't look like cuocakes you see on TV. And it was overpriced. Save your mouth amd your wallet and just make your own.


looked like they were having an off day for perfect macarons, but they were still reasonably priced and delicious


I recent went to get some cupcakes with a coworker of mine and they were amazing!!! We must have gotten about 30 cupcakes and everyone on our team in the office loveeeddddd it. As a tip, be sure to check out the daily menu because some flavors are prepared on specific days of the week. Either way, you’re going to win with a cupcake from here.


Loved the colors but due to dark lighting shop appears closed from street view. Cupcakes were okay, tasty but a little dry, not as moist as I would have liked.


Everything here is always amazing and delicious! I also love how they always support our school with great customer service and kindness!


These cupcakes are heavenly! Beautiful and delicious!


My white office tried to do something nice for Black History Month by ordering from black owned businesses in the district.

We were charged twice and never received anything.

Way to make me look bad 😒


We are all entitled to our own opinions, right? Well here's mine:

Parking: na

Location: na

Decor/ambiance: na

Customer Service: na

I didn't have the sweet opportunity to drive by and visit the bakery in person. My wife stopped by while she was in DC and grabbed us a half a dozen of cupcakes and half dozen of macaroons. She then jumped on a plane, flew one hour away and arrived home. When she got them home I was so happy to taste these as we all know they were winners of Cupcake wars a couple years back... Well... to my sad surprise, nothing lived up to the hype.

Lets start with the presentation... the box is so dreamy that they come in. The marketing is perfect... this all gave me such high hopes! The cupcakes were not the best. She grabbed 6 different flavors and all i can tell you is they were all 'uck'. The cake had a rough, rubbery consistency. The cupcakes weren't moist as at. They were tough to eat. I almost had to chew them. They reminded me of what stale cupcakes would taste like. Maybe she was given 6 cakes that were going bad... maybe the plane flight and being 10k feet above ground cause the air to ossify the cakes making them hard rubbery.

The macaroons were a mess... omg i love sweets and i'd never trash anything with sugar in it but ma'am... those macaroons had to go. They were not ediable. I really want to believe that we were given stale goods. I really want to blame the altitude of the plane flight... maybe that is what cause the disconnect.

I hope to one day try these guys again as I've had high hopes.


They have a great variety of cupcakes - more than Red Velvet or Danielle's Desserts. And they're all delicious! The macarons come in second place to Laduree, though.


Quality of this bakery has really gone down. Went 2 weeks ago and was disgusted by the immediate smell of sewage, not sure if they are having plumbing issues or duct problems but it was hard to consider buying a cupcake from a place that smells like a dirty bathroom. The store at least looked clean and orderly but the one employee was on the phone and oblivious when my friend and I walked in, had they been paying attention and greeted us or addressed the awful smell maybe we could have over looked it but they seemed otherwise too busy to deal with customers so we left. Very disappointing considering the awards they have earned in the past, they haven't been recognized for anything notable in years... not hard to believe why.


Every time I'm on the Hill, always stop by at Sweet Lobby to get some macaroons for my wife. She loves them!


This place is awesome, the cupcakes are moist and taste great. The manager donique has great customer service was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products.


My wife loves this place. Macaroons are the best here!


I’m surprised this has so many high reviews, tried a few of the cupcakes and both my wife and I were confused. They aren’t very moist, taste like they have no sugar in them, the frosting reminds me a lot of plain whipped cream.


These Cupcakes are absolutely Tasteless .... they should let customers know that these are sugar free treats before they purchase.... 🤢.. Definitely don’t recommend if you have a major sweet craving


Sweet Lobby is simply amazing! Their macaroons are the best in town. They always have great selection. Those who say their cupcakes are tasteless should check in with their doctor.


Whatever happened to The Sweet Lobby??? This is so sad... 😪

I had been there several times over the years and recently went back after probably 2 years to find a completely different place... I mean, the name is still the same and they still sell what they used to, but it feels like it has fallen [a very long fall] in disgrace from its original glory... it's not even just the quality of the products (more on that in a minute), which I could barely recognize from those in the past, but the place itself looks like it hasn't been taken care of in months...or years. Even the sign showing they were a Cupcake Wars Winner is sad to look at... it has gotten so discolored through the years that you have to make a great effort to interpret what was once there. It's almost a metaphor about the whole place...

As for the macarons... they were so stale, dry, and... crunchy?, that it felt they had been made last month, which is also last year... The appearance had nothing to do with the delicate colors, textures and shimmering edible golden dust I'd seen before. It looked like entire bottles of food coloring had fallen in the mixing bowl... About the cupcakes, they used to have all kinds of intriguing flavors that would get your digestive and creative juices flowing. Instead, I found four common flavors, and just three or four cupcakes of each flavor... they were just ok, nothing you couldn't do yourself at home. They were really moist, though... extra star for that.

Please tell me at some point the owners changed and the new owners lost all recipes, the number of the cleaning lady, the wall paint name or chip, and employed their niece to be at the store front...

I'm sorry guys, I'm never this harsh, but this just made me sad. I wish you can one day be what you were...


The Sweet Lobby delivered nine dozen of incredible cupcakes to my office on an incredibly busy day - Valentine's Day. They worked with me around our team's dietary restrictions, and as a result, everyone in the office was able to enjoy their cupcakes. Can't overstate how good they were and would definitely order from them again. Thank you Winnette and Sweet Lobby team!


As someone who has a hobby of mastering macarons at home, these were some of the worst macarons I've had. I will give credit that the filling was good however the shells aren't even average and I'd be embarrassed to sell them to a customer. The one pictured below was the best one out of the three I had. I wish I had taken a picture of the others which were even drier and more hollow than this one. If parking wasn't a huge pain in the behind I would've asked for a refund. Maybe it was an off day or an accidental batch but I was super disappointed.


The best that the city has to offer... It will make you wonder how these people can make it out of house let alone the bed.


Even during a pandemic Sweet Lobby was inviting and delicious. The staff person was friendly and the selection of cupcakes was diverse. If it's this nice when staff is limited I look forward to visiting when more pastries are available after the pandemic.


Good selection and quick, contactless checkout. Nice variety of cupcakes. They even have a vegan carrot cake cupcake.


I used to be a HUGE FAN of the lobby. Loved their Mac top cupcakes, macaroons, and decadent desserts but it’s random that they’re operating at store. Some days I come by said hours or after opening hours and lights are off, door locked and nothing. However they frequently post on social media site to promote for more clientele. If you stay open... the existing clients can always refer customers to the establishment.highly disappointed!


The Jackson Investment Co. sent a box of delicious cupcakes in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. The cupcakes were a little damaged due to the very hot weather....But like me tell you, they are delicious. Certainly will use Sweet Lobby in the future.


The place may not look the best from the outside, but it's what's inside that counts! Top-notch product that will be my new go-to now that Ladure in Union Station is unavailable. I can't wait to try the wide selection of Macrons, and if they match the intrigue of the cupcakes, I will be re-visiting this review.


The macaroons here are taste great. Great customer service and kindness! Recommended.


The BEST Champagne CupCake we have ever eaten.


Love love love this place! Macaroons were so tasty!

Nicole D.



Great macaroons!! The only ones I eat, I got the blueberry cheesecake cupcake, it it was cheese cake and cupcake textured (tasty) vanilla macaroons( this and 554 more

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