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NU2U Appliances

Appliances & Repair, Local Services

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41 Reviews

41 Reviews


I wish I didn't have to give a star they don't deserve that! I'm very upset with this company. They know nothing about customer service and now after only a month my washer has stopped working and they haven't been here to fix it and it's been almost a week and they aren't answering thier phone. I will make sure everyone I know NEVER gives them a dime!!


I purchased a $300 refrigerator from this company. I have had numerous problems with the fridge and when I called to have the fridge fixed, they sent one of thier "repairman' to fix it....As he was living he was too busy watching the game on tv, that he could barely tell me what was wrong with it. He said he had to order a part for my freezer that never freezes. I almost am ready to junk it. The lady behind the desk was polite though..... i will never do business with them again, i strongly encourage no one one else to either............


I bought a refrigerator from this company and it stop working!! It wont get cold and the owner is impossible to communicate with!! He is so rude!! His delivery drivers also ripped my kitchen floor during the time they delivered my refrigerator. When I called the business to inform them that my refrigerator wasnt getting cold I was told to unplug it and wait a couple of hours and then plug it back it and it should get cold and it worked. I was told that it was normal for this to happen when a person keeps there settings high like I was doing. So in others words they were saying it was my fault this was happening. So I lowered my temps to make sure it didnt happen again and of course it did happen! The frig stop getting cold again so I utilized the trick they taught me again and it worked. So for months go by and it happened again! OMG this time it wouldnt get cold anymore and now Im out my warranty. I called them and they refused to help me unless I paid a $100 dollars and that was just for them to come out and look at it. I didnt trust them so I called sears out to look at it and sears informed me that the trick they were telling me to do was a clear sign that my compressor was going out on my refrigerator and they felt this company was intentionally having me do the "unplug trick" to push me out of my warranty. This was crazy because after sears looked at my frig I was told that it would cost over $900 to get it fixed. I informed the owner of the problem I was experiencing and after a week he brought me a loaner that went out as well!! I lost a lot of food as well!! He called his self fixing my refrigerator after he picked up the loaner and it did not work!!! He then brought me another refrigerator and took mines and it did not work!!!


Very dissatisfied with the service with NU2U.

I was suppose to have a washer and dryer delivered to my home after 8pm,.

However i didnt.

I called all day THE NEXT DAY only to be lead to voice mail.

I ended up having to go down there on my limited lunch break and demand they give me a refund or my merchandise.

Out of all the bad that happened i was greeted and smiled at and warmed with great customer service from AMILIA on the 19th and hampton location.

That was the ONLY thing that calmed me and the situation down.

The delivery drivers are lazy and lack customer service skills however the sales team is what really make it what it is.

I DO NOT recommend NU2U only because they have communication issues within the facility. They didnt even KNOW where my merchandise was until AMILIA went to look for it on a couple of their trucks and then offered to deliver it herself.

They dont deserve hard workers like that.

1-10?? 2 and thats a stretch.


The people at this store do not know anything about what they are doing or customer service. Their policies are unfair to the customer. Most the appliances at the store are broken or will break very soon because they simply do patch fixes on them. They dont return phone calls, and if they don't feel lik talking to you they will pick up and hang up. They never call back or come to appointments on time and don't allow you to speak with the manager. I actually feel this place is a scam and fraudulent. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I have been called names and told I was a liar by them. I don't even feel safe having them in my home or knowing my address. I wish I had seen these warnings before going there. They tell you one price then try to say you owe another.




Can't even get them to answer their phones.


My experience was horrible I have gas going through my house, the dryer vent fell on the ground when I shut the gas off, and when I called in to the shop no one answered and when they finally answered later it was an argument about there service I say they need to go out of business I'm pissed.


I had the worse experience ever. I don't recommend NOBODY to go to them to get anything. They played me out of the good fridge I wanted and gave me a ugly one. Then my oven don't work. Never again


I was not impressed the washing machines and dryers they all look like you might have found them in the alley all scratched up and you want to charge a person to $300 /$400for a hookup-plus for a hookup on a washer and dryer that is not new to me the object of the game is to get rid of it I guess that's why the store was fully packed with merchandise good luck with that


Got a refrigerator there it’s leaks water very bad and they don’t answer they phone at all


Bought a refrigerator March 13, 2018, it was delivered around 10:30 11oclock at night.... April 20,it went out which was a Friday Called,someone was supposed to come fix it Monday never called or showed up, u try to do business with your ppl... But um yeah I'm very unsatisfied, on top of that all my food went bad.... I wouldn't recommend them at all!


If I can give this place 5 Zeros I will... I will NEVER do business with this place again. I purchased a stove and refrigerator for my mother 2 days the refrigerator went bad, she had to toss majority of her food away, after going grocery shopping days before. I spoke with the supervisor who gave NO answers to anything because she couldn't get in touch with the owners. Mother been without now 5 days, I filed a complaint with BBB, this don't make since how the local business take money from the poor and refuse to do anything once you call them with issues.


I purchased a stove and refrigerator. The Stove warmer is on and it been a month that they say that order of the part just came in . Now our refrigerator not working and do not want replace the refrigerator but order a part. Now some my food is molded. The stated that they will pick up the stove to repair it. So I will not have a stove and refrigerator. I requested the manager number and refuse to give it. I called the alderman and now I will call the State.


Never go to NU2U Appliances!

I bought a refrigerator from them 6 months ago and the freezer did not work properly. Ice cream melted everytime I put it in there.I call them to repair it but they did not show up during the allotted time, then would not answer their phone after. Then I began to smell a sewage like odor from the fridge this week. The smell was so bad that it saturated the entire house even with the windows open. After cleaning it with bleach and every other cleanser, it smells better... but there still is a sour odor.

I call them and they tell me it is nothing they can do for me.


Know someone that bought from them and after I have seen the reviews, will not be buying anything from this company. About to move soon, I was looking to buy a fridge and stove from here, but don't need any extra problems, especially if the product goes bad and no one fixes.


Let me explain how so unprofessional. First off the lady answer the phone like it’s her personal cell phone . Then the completely miss my delivery date . I had to come back the following day to reschedule something only for the rude lady at the desk give me a 6 hour time frame to wait for someone to come . Not to mention I live literally a block away . So now all my groceries are old waiting over 24 hours for someone and the frustration is at its highest . Not to mention no one considered to ever apologize for the inconvenience and lack of consideration.


Nice prices on items friendly staff


Friendly staff and good price . My stove look new and work great. Quick and fast delivery and set up.




I was going to check this place out for a stove but looked at the reviews and changed my mind........all I had to do was look at the at the address to see if it was a respectable place...I'm not surprised by the nasty reviews....its on the Northside of milwaukee that says everything...every business that's over there is disgusting and the people that run it have no respect and consideration for customers...


I bought a dryer in February and the dryer went out on me at the end of June. I am still under warranty but it is July 19th and my dryer still isn’t working. I been waiting 3 weeks now for them to come fix it. So now I’m forced to go spend money and time at the laundry mat which I don’t do. I have a business also and the only reason I get my dryer from them is because newer dryers don’t fit down my basement stairs. This is not good for business and the people at the store can careless how bad of an inconvenience this is for us. I also bought multiple refrigerators from them for my business and I pray to god nothing goes wrong with them. It’s been a month since I purchased those items. I thought this was a great place to shop for used appliances until the treatment u get after they already got your business/money.


Yet my review is old I purchased a oven from them 6 1/2 years ago and it just now is starting to go bad with the oven part not working. For it to be a used stove im yet please that the stove last that long and my refrigerator I purchase maybe 3 years ago and is still working the only negative I will give them is that they deliver is way to late for me but other than that I've had no problems with them I will definitely buy from then again. Any time you buy used your taking a gamble so if you don't like those odds then I suggest you buy the product brand new.


Bought a washer from this place. They delivered it the next day but upon installation the washer was not working. Of course its "we'll send the technician out ASAP, he'll be there tomorrow between 1 and 6pm". The "technician " never showed. I even called at 5 something and was told "he is running late but he will be there". NEVER SHOWED!! 3 days later and I am still trying to reach someone at this location to get this issue resolved. Dont let the godly falseness they display on their voicemail and all over their store fool you. These people running this business are working for the devil, bottom line.


Bought a refrigerator from this place in less than 3 weeks it stop working. Now I'm told it would take up to 3 days to get someone out to service my refrigerator just give me my dam money back. Don't buy anything out of this place


If I could give 0 stars I would. First off, They charged me for delivery and they are not supposed to. Second the items are kinda pricey and the items are used. The service there is horrible. The saleswoman is rude.. My daughter helped moved the stove out because tge movers were to lazy, they are supposed to take away the old stove but left it in my driveway. I will never ever in my life shop here again.


This place is awesome! My washer went out 2 days before Christmas and I was low on money of course. The owner made a special trip Christmas Eve around 7pm to his store to find me a washer that was in my budget!! I had family in from out of town.. Mike saved the day!! The washing machine was clean and has worked perfectly so far. I will buy again and have told all my friends! Thank you Nu 2U Appliances!


Bought a fridge from them, ice and water did not work, they came back with the wrong parts, after av few weeks of going back and forth they said they were going to replace the fridge. Is been over 6 months and Everytime I call all they say is we have the work order I'll check and call you back, they never call till I call back and get the same answer. Business like this should be close down. All they do is take advantage of people by selling defective appliances and then ignoring you. Then you stocked with the defective appliance they sold you and no money..


They sold me a stove and refrigerator my refrigerator works very fine but my stove on the other hand I called in to have someone come out before the covid-19 started I called for them to come out they schedule a day and never came out now it's covid-19 and I have no oven to cook with and I have to light my eyes on the stove.


They will come with your appliances right away but when it comes to fixing on things no one shows up and you get a run around I would not recommend them because my warranty is steal good but like I said they say someone will come no one shows up .


Staff very UNPROFESSIONAL!! Would NOT recommend this store to ANYONE!


I went and got a fridge from them a month and a half ago since then this is the third time it has broken down. I’m not even going to go in how bad they have treated the process of fixin it. But it never last long. And every time I have to wait weeks for someone to come out and do nothing. Last time they came out they actually made things worst. They will not compensate for groceries that were spoiled due to the negligence or make any special accommodations. The worst place to get an appliance. U might b short on cash but please do not shop here and do not let these people take advantage of u


They are unprofessional don’t know how to communicate with people who are spending there money with them .... i will never do business with them again horrible


Horrible place I will never buy a refrigerator again from them it went out and exactly 6 months they wouldn’t give me another one or my money back and they didn’t even send there people out to look at it like they said with the warrant


If I could give this place negative 0 reviews I would. This place is so unprofessional. The so called tech lies about coming out to your house and never shows. I just purchased a refrigerator from them not even a month ago and it completely went out. They said they would send a tech out Thursday and he never showed. I called today 8-14-2020 and the unprofessional broad answers and claims he came out, called and left a voicemail...WHICH HE DIDN’T!!!! Now I have to wait all the way until the 20th just for him to HOPEFULLY show up! Save your money, time, and breath and go to a more professional place. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!!!


How is this place still operating? They've been on contact 6 and on the news! This place is still taking advantage of people years later! I think all.the customers who got cheated on their purchase needs all to file a lawsuit to shut this place down! The owner is getting rich off defective appliances! #SHUTHIMDOWN


Bought items from here. Never again. Poor response time.


This place is awful, don't go there save your money. We bought a refridgerator from them, and we needed service. It took a week and a half for an appt. Then the technician didn't show up. "I called back and they rescheduled, still no technician. Dont bother calling the office, that woman is rude, and has no business in customer service.

Jim B.



Worse place to buy appliances from. They damaged my floor. Also lost the foot from the fridge. you will notice that you can't even call them because this and 2 more

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