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glazed the doughnut cafe specializes in creating handmade gourmet doughnuts and serving gourmet coffee 24 hours a day on-site in Houston, Texas.

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173 Reviews

173 Reviews

Jamie A


I wanted to like this place more than I did. I was really looking forward to a unique and interesting twist on a doughnut, but was a little disappointed. The doughnuts are tasty and the topping choices are neat, but the doughnuts are cold. Unless they are made to order the glaze on the top is hard and flakes off when you bite into it. If you are going to call yourself Glazed, then that should be the stand out feature of your doughnut.

Andrew E


Overall: Well decorated and very cool set-up with being able to see into the kitchen, but the doughnuts themselves were anything but "sweet" and there were too many little things that went wrong to give this place a free-pass.

Food: The bread was too dry and airy and tasted like a Hawaiian sweet roll, the icing had that chalky/grainy texture that you DON'T want, and they weren't warm and fresh.


- No knives and the plastic forks were a joke so you end up having to eat with your hands anyway

- I don't mind when certain things are out of stock, but this place has "chai tea latte" on the menu but the server said they've never had chai tea since they've been open! So why again is this on the menu?

- There were at least 3 workers there and no one in line, but yet the trash can was overflowing

Background: Girlfriend and I went here one night to relieve a sweet-tooth itch. I ate mine because I'm a fatty, but my girlfriend took one bite of hers and said "it's not worth the calories".

David M


New donut place they recently opened and are just starting out. The idea is good it is a 24/7 donut place. When I went they were still getting it together, some tables were dirty and the ordering was not as smooth as expected. The product aka, donuts are good. They have a bacon donut, which personally is just TOO much, but it seemed popular. They are large and very satisfying for that donut craving. If you get this craving at 3 or 4 am, this is the place to go.

Himmad K


Oh, how I really want to love you.

Let's start with the good:

The hours, I love that the hours are 24 hours. I find myself going there way too often.

Secondly the donuts. The donuts aren't really gourmet donuts per se since they are only putting toppings on top but they still do have unique donuts. But I still do enjoy them

The bad:

Their method of serving people. If I come in with 3 people ahead of me, they will ring up everyone first then start preparing everyone's donuts. Why not just ring up one person prep their donuts and move on to the next one. Which makes the wait time much longer than it should be. There's been multiple times that I went there and there is one employee at the front and multiple employees just standing around in the back.

Credit card minimum. With credit card rates as low as 2.75% and no transaction fee (square) why does one need to have a minimum? It will be taking the dame percentage if I had 1 donut or 50 donuts. Either you need to find a new credit card processor or you need to add 0.02 to each donut to cover the cost and get rid of the silly minimum.

Website. We live in a digital age where information can be always be at the tips of our fingers. Every time before coming to your restaurant I check your website, and it shows that you have certain donuts and when I go there is nothing of that sort there. I ask about it and they tell me that no one updates the website and just to call. If you aren't going to update the website then just take down all the flavors then.

I went there yesterday and ordered 7 donuts. One for myself and 6 donuts for my employees (they see my Instagram pictures and wanted to try them) I had ate my own and drove the rest to work. When I got there I had saw that they only put 4 donuts in the box.

Everyone knows donuts are my thing. I am constantly posting donuts and every time I come to your location I advertise it like crazy to my friends which many have came. When when I go I always try to take new friends with me but I feel that every time I have been coming it has been getting worse and worse. I really want to love you guys but you have to get better.

Danielle G


I was there last night for the first time as this place was recommended to me. It's a 24 spot which totally enables those who have health and fitness goals but no self control. When party of 3 arrived there was no line which was great. We approached the counter. There was a gal behind the counter who was preparing an order for another customer. She clearly saw us. We were standing there for a couple of minutes and was never acknowledged. I don't expect to be served right away but at least acknowledge your customers and say you'll be with them in a minute. Finally she acknowledged us. One of my party placed their order online. She checked with the manager or a coworker and apparently the order was never received due to a faulty ordering system. So we had to place her order in person and wait a little while because one of the items was not ready on the rack. When ordering, you can either order what you see on the rack and get your donuts immediately, or order something else and wait. They place each individual donut in a box. Now don't get me wrong, the taste of the donut was great and the quality of products was great too, but due tot eh price of the donuts, I could not help but feel like my money was paying for individually wrapped boxes. It make the donuts visually appealing, but I am not sure that it is necessary. If you are buying multiple donuts to take home, you end up carrying out one box for each donut...and no, they do not have bags. The size was big and the taste was delectable. Filled my late night sweet cravings. I would go back but probably only for special occasions due to price and location. If I want a quality donut there are plenty other places to go, but if I was something different and delectable, this is the place to go.

Katherine K


Ok, this is a 3.5, but I'm rounding up to 4 because the macon is magical. Glazed is always open, and the people are always friendly, but be ready to wait for a while. The doughnuts are mostly $2+ (you can get a glazed for $1), and they are big. I could share one and be happy. There is a pretty good selection of toppings, and you can check ahead of time to see if they will have the one that you want. Most of the doughnuts are beautiful. The maple bacon doughnut (macon) is the best I've tried. Death by chocolate is pretty much the equivalent of eating a full size candy bar and a doughnut. This may not be a destination doughnut shop, but I'll go back because there are still some that I need to try - like the strawberry cheesecake.



I ordered over $400 worth of donuts for a company event, the evening prior to a 5am due date. The donuts were prepared and waiting. Admittedly, I was disappointed to see that of the (6) mixed donuts that I requested of each dozen (the other 6 being glazed) there was no chocolate included! What's more, 2 of those said 6 were cinnamon & sugar...which is suggestive that they cheaped-out in their selection, perhaps drawing from among their low-seller reserves. I'll go back, but I'll explicitly choose my mix, next time.

Jennifer S


If we could give zero stars we would. Visited because people raved about it. Bad idea. Stood in line for 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes ONE group of people got their donuts. There were probably about 4-5 other groups of people waiting to get their donuts that they ordered. AND still one person ahead of us in line who still hadn't been helped. We walked out before ordering (and before the person in front of us could even order). Don't waste your time! Shipley's is down the road and will give you your donuts in under 2 minutes.

Karina S


Expect to wait more than 20 minutes and on top of that everyone who got there after me got their order before me. They have a fly problem. If I could rate it no stars I would. I've tried it out several times and thought maybe it would get better but just gets worst. These doughnuts are over rated.

Brittney H


Had a bumpy start, owners were prompt to resolve it, can't wait to give it another shot!

shannon w


I too really wanted to like this place. The glaze itself is fine but when added to a lot of the toppings like breakfast cereal and coconut shavings, it results in an extremely sweet donut, too sweet for my taste. The employees were really pretty nice though even though it gets busy really fast in there. We came in to no line and give minutes later, there were 20 people waiting to order.

Steve C


Doughnuts were good. Service was not great. Didn't feel welcomed or greeted. Employees did not give suggestions or anything. Just stood there. We said it was it our 1st time. Still no communication. I decided not to order anything but my kids ordered because they are the reason we went. Their friends said it was cool. They were out of certain flavors. We were in the area and don't live close. Was a below average experience. This location was by NRG Stadium. Management needs to reevaluate its employees here. Giving the store experience a bad one. We live in Deer Park and this place did not live up to the expectations. We visited on Friday 9/23 @ 9:30 pm.

Darren M


Don't go here too often, unless you're looking for diabetes. The donuts are so good, and so sweet. The basic chocolate iced is my favorite, but all the more wild flavors are great too (especially the cereal topped ones!) so you really can't go wrong. It's usually really quiet in here, so it's not a bad place to go and chill a but with friends and have a good long conversation while you're coming down from the sugar high.

Marisol M


The donuts were pretty good. The taste wasn't disappointing but the service was. The employees weren't necessarily rude but didn't feel welcomed. Especially the lady that was there on Monday. I asked her 3 questions and every time she seemed bothered. I believe the owner was there too, he said thanks for coming but it didn't sound genuine.

Kayla C


I visited the location on OST and was not very impressed. Before I visited this store, I looked online to get an idea of which flavors I wanted, but when I arrived, many of them weren't available. The front of the store staff is not very social and seemed to be new. I ordered 3 different groups of donuts, 12 in total, and wanted 4 to each box because they were gifts. I received 6 boxes as they put 2 donuts in each box. Logistically, I think this could've been done better. Also, the presentation wasn't all that great. The boxes had syrup/topping fingerprints on them, I'm assuming from the gloves used--it just wasn't pretty. I had to wipe off the boxes before I gave them to anyone. The donuts also didnt taste fresh--they tasted like they were made yesterday and topped today. Needless to say, I'm not excited about visiting this place again.

Isaac W


Environment was nice and peaceful. Donut was interesting and very good. Service was helpful and friendly. I'm really looking forward to coming here again soon.

Nicholas W


Doughnuts are usually pretty standard and unimaginative, but not this place! Come and get their Macon and find out why so many love this place! Also I recommend the Raspberry love! Easily the best doughnuts in town and I think is one of Houston's must try's.

Amber B


I drive all the way from clear lake to get the fruity pebble donuts!! So good:)

Celavi L


I usually swear by the fruity pebbles donut, but I tried my husband's apple pie donut and am hooked. It was so tasty and FULL of filling. Yummy!

Sam J


I don't know why there are a few very negative reviews. I have always had a positive experience when I have come here and the donuts are my favorite! This is the only place I get donuts from anymore. I can't believe someone waited one or two hours? Each donut is hand made to order so if your order was large and the restaurant was busy I could see it taking a while I suppose but an hour seems exaggerated. Then again longer wait times are to be expected when everything is made to order the way this establishment does it. As for what an employee was wearing, who cares? I am in the service industry at a fine dining restaurant and we have to wear the most uncomfortable uniforms because of people nitpicking like some of you. Why does it matter what someone behind a cash register or in the kitchen is wearing? It's not going to effect the flavor of the food. I love Glazed. It is a fun, creative bakery and the donuts, as I previously mentioned, are wonderful. Definitely worth a try at the very least, I mean hey, it's only a donut. It costs about $2.00 or less. You can't demand a gourmet experience like some of you seem to be expecting if you aren't paying gourmet prices. Give this place a try. The donuts are pretty good and they are creative, and like I said, it's only around $2.00 wasted if you decide you don't like it.

Lauro T


Good Donuts but pretty pricey compared to other donut places. They should really bring back the Vietnamese coffee!! That was the main reason for me to go there! Please bring it back!

Dustin G


Usually great service. Even though nothing says they close at 6pm on Sunday I was turned away 5 minutes til with a shop full of people.

Howard R


Came on a Sunday morning around 11 and the selection was great! Walked in and was greeted nicely, and order was taken quickly. Staff was very kind, and the donuts I got were wonderful(red velvet with cream cheese and a blueberry) were wonderful!

Jeremy B


Where to start?

Taste - Above average. 4 out of 5 stars.

Location- The location is awful. Hoodrat kids were asking for money in the store and the parking lot. Management does nothing.

Price - Overpriced and they recently raised them higher than they already had them.

Staff - some are friendly but, I've run into more lazy and rude employees there than the friendly type.

Hours - constantly changing. Furthermore, they often close earlier than posted on their storefront window, web page, and hours posted on Google. Tonight, I showed up at 8:20 and the doors were locked. I saw an employee, and she waved her finger. I went and sat in my car to write this review. As I was writing 5 groups of two to three people came up to buy donuts. For some reason, the employees decided to talk to the customers that came up rather than waving their finger 'no.' I was able to listen to the conversations. Each time the reason was different...I heard one employee say they closed early because they ran out of donuts. Another employee told a group it was because there was an emergency shut down with no additional explanation. Then, I heard one of the two employees say, "we closed because a man was carrying around a machine rifle."

Can someone tell me what a machine rifle looks like?

Tiara K


Went in for the first time and they were out of the item I wanted. Owner found a way to make it happen. Outcome was delicious. I'll definitely be back again!

Update: On visit #2 I decided on the Glazed chicken sandwich with egg. It was great.. perfect balance of salty and sweet. This will definitely keep me coming back.

Michelle P


We came in for 2 lattes at about 11:30pm waited over 20 minutes for them. DJ playing music and donuts looked amazing. The young lady making our coffee was rude and took her sweet time. Not to mention as I watched her make them , ordered with skim milk, she proceeded to add hot water to whole milk and added expresso. Needless to say the coffee was disgusting. The woman making the donuts was also not practicing good hygiene, wiping her nose with gloved hands and then proceeded to fill donut orders. Disappointed with the visit after reading such great reviews.

Fee H


i went saturday night jan 21, 2017 around 9:00 the young lady had her baby on the job siting in a table chair with the front door wide open ' wow scary' & she NEVER greeted me when i walked in which was very rude to me so i went back to order another cheeseburger she told the man at the back as if she was annoyed that i wanted another burger which i dont understand you guys should really work on better coustomer service.

Perry R


I thought it would *feel* cleaner... I went to the restroom and it felt like a dungeon. The entire space is smaller than I expected.

The service was fine. Of the three employees, one was fun to interact with, one was pleasant, and the last obviously wanted to be literally anywhere else. Part of my order was wrong (one of five items), though shame on me for not checking before I left.

Otherwise, the doughnuts were very good. The one they got wrong was the only one I really wanted to try (wife and daughter picked the others), but even the ones I wasn't interested in were good.

Kelly T


I thought the food was delicious and staff was very friendly. I got the smores Doughnut and the glazed chicken sandwich. Glazed chicken sandwich was amazing! The only thing that prevented 5 stars was the floor was fairly dirty.

Latavia C


I was in Houston for Spring Break and I just had to try Glazed because I've heard so many good things about them. When I walked in it was clean and welcoming. The young lady greeted me and I explained that this was my first time visiting. She went over each flavor of doughnut. I patiently waited for my order when I realized she was hand making them herself. I could not eat them right away because I had to travel a hour and 30 minutes home. I got six different flavors. The one I like the most was the Macon. The one's I dislike the most was the fruity pebbles and the captain crunch. The cereal was stale and it just was not great. Overall great customer service and I enjoyed two out of 6 of there most popular doughnuts. Would I return? No I would not.

Chris D


This place has the most creative and best tasting doughnuts in town. I love rich desserts and these are almost too much for me. There are so many good doughnuts to choose from and the breakfast sandwich is great too.

Maria W


This has got to be the best place for speciality donuts. We got a dozen, and the donuts were amazing! The staff was super attentive and friendly. They also have mini donut holes that are a mini version of the large gourmet ones. Did I mention you get the donuts, FRESH? Wow! Kudos to the staff. You have a customer for life.

Denver G


I will return here because so many of the donuts looked great. The raspberry was delicious and the Macon (maple & bacon) was wonderful. If you like donuts you should come to this place.



Happy I stopped in for a taste. They have a lot of interesting donuts and the few I tried were worthwhile. They were bigger than expected so I didn't even finish them all. Coffee options here are quite lot and was unhappy about that. Such lovely donuts should not be belittled by poor coffee.

Aaron S


Best gourmet donut I’ve ever had! Great customer service and environment. Ngadie was our hostess and she was the best, she was funny and engaging to a friend who’s first time experiencing this place. Will always come back to this place when I come to Houston.

Mark H


Literally first time here and it was after I had already ate somewhere else so I came in turned off at the thought of food. The hostess Ngadie literally got me so excited to try a donut and when I put the cinnamon toast donut in my mouth I almost cried. Great place. Great service. Cannot wait to come back after a drunk night at a bar. 10/10

Linh T


Although the donuts were soft, warm and fluffy... they are way too sweet... like give u diabetes in one day too sweet. Had the glazed and strawberry cheesecake

KodyNatalie S


Delicious every time!!! But last time we got a 25% off coupon and today when we tried to use it they said they don't take them anymore. It was disappointing because the 25% coupon had no expiration date on it. Also the kolache had two pepperoni and the rest was bread. But it was free because it took 20 minutes to get 3 donuts. We like it but probably won't be going back atleast not for awhile. I was very disappointed they didn't honor the coupon. It may be silly but that kind of thing bothers me.

Ana F


First time I went I fell inlove that I had to go back. Been three times in the past 2 months for a donut cheeseburger but every time I go the employees make up excuses not to make them. Pure laziness, all they do is sit on their phone and make up excuses not to work. Really needs new employees, it's a great place but will lose a lot of customers because of that.

Precious S


Listen, this place was great. The donuts were pricey, but baby!!! Listen, they know how to make some donuts. Go ahead a get your coins right so you can try one or two. My friend let me try her donut (she got the one with bacon), listen yall, I was tempted to go back in to buy another. If you're thinking about getting one, just do it. You won't be disappointed.

Nya I


Doughnuts are awesome but the cashiers aren't very friendly. At least smile 😒 I didn't get any strawberry on top of my cheesecake donut either. Looking at the review from a month ago you still have a problem with a lack of customer service. Even McDonald's employees will say thank you, you're welcome or have a nice day.

Tresa E


Simply delicious. So many unique varieties to choose from. Served warm.

Jennifer P


I'm not a donut person. My daughter talked me into coming to glazed, she picked out a bacon and tutti-frutti. They are so cute and very tasty! My cashier was wonderful and friendly! But this was 2 months ago. Hope I don't get the employees in these recent reviews.

Antonio M


Not what we expected. The clerk was very friendly and take our order quickly, but the place looked very dirty. The bathroom was terrible. My girlfriend could not even wash her hands. No napkins on tables. We order a cheeseburger, tasted ok but nothing to be amazed of. Not sure we would return.

Brian P


Wow! We had no idea we were coming to a place like this. After a quick trip to the doctor, we came here mostly for a latte, but we found every imaginable donut. They had all sorts of options and in the end the donuts and coffee were amazing!

Jennifer C


A nice little spot to get something late and sweet. Not the best out there but they were still delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the donuts I bought.

Cecily G


Super cute donut shop that’s worth giving a try. You can watch them dress your donut with the toppings you ordered while you wait for them to be boxed up.



The service was awesome the lady working was so cool and helpful she was awesome! They had a donut burger that was so good, but scary to eat lol no sure about calories but we split one so hopefully not to bad. The donuts were good, what makes them special is the toppings I would say for sure.

Sheila O


This place is awesome. First off, the service is great and the staff are professional. The tables, bathrooms are clean. The food is delicious we had this double cheeseburger. The meat is high quality and the cheese is real cheddar. The donuts are all very sweet. You want to try this at least one time! Get the burger! The flavors are savory and sweet. If you’re not keen on sweets don’t come tho. If you have high cholesterol or sugar or diabetes or pressure DONT COME lol. Otherwise, enjoy!

Nos T


First time here. Place was not what I was expecting from the bad reviews I saw online. I bought 5 donuts and they are rather pricey, but they are customized, larger than the other donut shops and taste sooo amazing like a slice of heaven. I will say about the prices they are not as transparent as they should be, it is not the employees fault though, management did not inform them about the new upcharges. Other than that I will most definitely return!

Ashlynn K


Great service! Donuts are amazing, a lot of flavor. A bit pricey, but worth it. Chai tea latte is wonderful

Brinn M


We came here before the rodeo expecting crowds, but it was slow at 8:30am. We got an apple pie filled, a lemon filled and a pecan praline topped donut and a sausage kolache. The donuts are the perfect size - larger than most shops, which helps with the price. The flavor is superb and the dough is a great texture - thick and dense but still soft. The kolache was decent, though not as amazing as the donuts. I was impressed they were all made to order so they were hot and fresh. I'm ready to go back!

Jessica L


Doghnuts we're delicious and fresh! Coffee has a great flavor, we ordered iced coffee and chocolate frap. Outstanding customer service!!! They went above and beyond. Highly recommend.

Sophia E


Creative donuts with frequent new additions. Friendly, helpful staff. Open 24 hours. Lovely croissants and kolaches. Chill vibe.

Jasmine C


I love this place, donuts are amazing. So many choices to choose from and everything is fresh. I had to wait 10-15 min for them to make mine fresh but they compensated by giving me 3 donuts on the House.

Aubrey S


First time here and it was AMAZING! Came at 12 with my family and everything was fresh! I was highly satisfied with the customer service. Osas and Toya were very nice and welcoming! We came with a big group of people and they were very sweet. Definitely come and check it out! It’s worth it!

alejandra T



Great customer service the owner is very generous and polite. LOVE how they offer ASSORTED DONUTWHOLE BITES. Highly recommended!! Must try their GLAZED CHICKEN SANDWICH!

luis m


By far the best donut I have had at three in the mornin . I would have to go to Austin for voodoo donuts to get a donut at this time. Enjoy the fact houston has this shop. Super delicious donuts why hasn’t the media made a bigger deal about this place. Great staff no complaints.

Joseph L


Delicious creations.

Friendly, outstanding service (Ramona during the day is the best 🤗)

Affordable $1.79-2.49 for most donuts.


Free parking.

Nina L


My husband and I went for the first time ever, and it was heavy but great. I got the chicken donut sandwich which just has cheese: it's well seasoned, fried, and filling. He got the double burger add egg and bacon: the fries were too salty, but the burger itself was delicious. So many fancy donuts and normal ones too, and it's open 24/7. The guy at the counter is friendly too. If you're not dieting, this is a must.

Albert G


The service was fantastic. The woman who took my order was extremely friendly. The food is definitely a guilty pleasure.

Anne N


Delicious!!! Fluffy donuts. Made to order. Donuts are not greasy. More pricey than regular donuts but worth every penny!!

Adam P


What a spectacular donut shop! The first time I was blessed with the pleasure of a Glazed donut they were day olds a friend brought from work and they still were fabulous, so when I had the fresh donuts in store that were warm it was wonderful. 100% worth the cost and anytime I am in Houston I am going to make sure to stop by here and get a dozen donuts. Staff were friendly and the prices are reasonable for the quality you are receiving.

Lacey C


Gourmet donuts, 24/7. Enough said. If you have the drunchies, munchies, or just need a midnight snack, this is a place you have to at least try once. They variety donut holes are a good way to sample the different types, but I love the raspberry coconut.

John B


Disappointing. Underwhelming. No need to go here again. **edit** Owner responds and gives no contact information. Nice. To answer your question: service was bad. Quality was terrible on everything - donuts and kolaches. Coffee was not hot and it tasted like gas station coffee. I will not be back.

Jazz W


My uncle brought me to this place for first time last night. I had the chicken sandwich and it was fantastic. The textures were incredibly satisfying and the flavors complimented each other quite nicely. I felt like I was eating something from a Food Network show in some other hip city I don't visit. That this gem is right in my own city fills me with glee. The young man working counter around 9pm yesterday was so patient and accommodating while I decided on what to order. It was an all around great experience. I will definitely be back.

Emilliamms L


I request a croissant.

Bread was nasty like if was maintained inside the place for 2 weeks, the eggs? Honestly i make better eggs in my place then this oil is too old. So disappointed. Going to be honest is my fist time in 16 yrs that i write a review like this. I gues i just start to value my money more.

This is not quality.

Aaron L


Full disclosure- I manage the bitcoin machine inside the store so I'm not a neutral source. That said... The donuts here are DELICIOUS. They're fresh, made to order and they knock the socks off of just about any other donut I've ever eaten.

Therese B


Donuts are delish. Clean place. Prices not bad. Great tasting fountain drinks. Nice variety of donuts. Very friendly staff.

April G


Love, love ,love! I sincerely loved my first time experience here! Customer service was so down to earth and so patient with us new customers! She sure did make us become regulars. So now when we want doughnuts anytime of the day or night, we know where to go!

Ruben S


Nice place open 24 hr's a day. Many different types of sweets to get that include doughnuts. My girlfriend really enjoyed the tea she got. Much better than a few other places we been. I tried the glazed strawberry with coconut. It was delicious. Will visit again when my diet allows me too 😎

william w


The plain glazed donut only had icing on half of the donut. It was light and fluffy however. The cinnamon toast crunch donut only had a few pieces of the cereal on top and it wasn't even the cinnamon toast crunch brand...some off brand cereal they used which isn't nearly as good. The grilled cheese & bacon donut sandwich was really good. The powdered sugar filled lemon donut had no powdered sugar on it...just a small portion of icing on the top... the lemon creme inside was good.

Shaneekqua W


I love that this place is 24 hours. The restaurants is always clean and there is never a long wait time. I am in love with the bacon donut a bit on the expensive side but it's every bit of worth it.

Simon G


Poor front counter service, if you aren't wanting that job; I'm sure someone else does . The employee that was working in the back, great job. The food was terrible and expensive. It was by our hotel and wasn't worth the time.

Chelsey H


Food was so delicious. Definitely worth going back to. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I loved.

LaNeita C


These donuts are definitely best when they are hot and fresh. There are many flavors to choose from. I've had better donuts elsewhere so I only come here when I want something unusual or I'm craving something sweet late night (they're open 24hrs).

Hunter J


The best place for donut-lovers and sweet tooths. Incredible donuts. Absolutely incredible. The stuffed Churro donut is easily the best donut I’ve ever had. The Strawberry Cheesecake donut is also amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had any bad donuts or bad experiences here. Fair warning, the peanut butter donuts mean actual peanut butter.

I love this place. I wish I could eat here more often, but I can only imagine the calories in these delicious, delicious donuts.

Fullmetal G


Went here for a last major cheat meal before dieting down for my next bodybuilding competition. The lady here at 12 PM (open 24 hours) was very helpful in letting us know which donuts were popular. Still couldn't pick one so I got 3 filled donuts. I'm a Shipley's old-fashioned glazed donut kind of girl and I have never gotten filled donuts! I was not disappointed.

katie w


Amazing...any favor, shape, it! My boyfriend loves them as well. Always get fresh warm made to order ones.

Mason T


Everyone at our table was very satisfied. The staff was friendly and observant. Reminds me of a place in New York I loved to visit.

Calvin G


Not bad. Glad its 24hrs. Wanted to treat myself after surgery 2 days ago. Was sad they had no cake donuts. Zero. What donut shop has no cake donuts with no intention of making more?

Kylie C


The staff was very friendly and kind. This place has a nice design. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I loved to visit.

Eli C


This place is absolutely one of my favorites. The service here is outstanding. The bill was good for what you get. This place has many reviews for a reason.

Enthany C


Glazed donuts is very professional. Very friendly staff! They took care of everything i needed and asked for. Everything is fresh as well!! I would recommend this place to any one!

Hubert W


I like the coffee here and the donuts are always fresh. The jelly filled is the best!

Kristin A


I had the cheeseburger and my boyfriend had the chicken on a glazed donut. Both were good but I enjoyed he cheeseburger the most. Unique food, really good combination of textures and flavors. Laid back atmosphere and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend glazed to anyone wanting to try something new. I will be back.

Stephanie B


Excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. Prices that won't break you. Atmosphere is similar to a place in Columbus I loved.



They make donuts after you order. They we're wonderful. Warmed up the next day and we're still great. They are pricey. They also have a bitcoin machine in store.

Derrick B


I love eating here. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. It has a cool feel to it. I can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

Mindy V


Waited waaaay too long for my small order. Donuts weren't as good as they appeared. (Cereal topping is unique, but doesn't make them any better tasting.) However...the sausage egg croissants were delicious.

craig s


These are yeast donuts - and sooooo good.

I ordered 2 dozen $41, half regular half topped . Even tried the Macon donut - really good . If you are looking for something out of the ordinary , and GOOD , try this donut shop.

I shall return - maybe tomorrow :)

Kristi H


I should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. Quick and friendly service. This place has a good atmosphere. I can see why they have so many good reviews.

Tito R


I love the donuts and the service! Especially Isiya she’s always so nice and is ready to answer all my questions. I would definitely suggest this spot to people who are in the Houston area and want some affordable donuts.

Darnishia D


I'm glad that this place is open 24/7. I had a really strong sweet tooth and I came here and their lemon poppy seed donut hit the spot!! 😄 I love these donuts!!!

Mary R


The donuts are very good. The people who work there are very friendly. Would be better, if they had a vegan option for my daughter. They are working on it though.

Ella R


Nice place to meet and catch up with family. I think I might become a regular. This place has a cool feel to it.

Cobrye B


This place was just wonderful! The service was great and friendly. The treats themselves were absolutely delicious. Just the right amount of sweetness. Loved the mocha I got here as well. The second you open the doors, you can smell that sweet aroma and you are greeted with a huge selection of doughnuts. I absolutely loved this place and hope to return soon.

Lashonda W


The customers can very inpatient and rude. The staff handled them wonderfully the night I was there. Some of the best donuts in town, plus their 24hrs again. Yayyyyyy

Kathryn D.



I love this place! I placed an order one night and didn't have time to end up getting it, so the man on duty called me and redid my order for the next this and 73 more

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