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T Vision

Mass Media, Professional Services, Marketing, Video/Film Production, Photography


T Vision is a wedding, nightlife, and event video production, and photography business in the tristate area.

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20 Reviews

20 Reviews

Travis H


Bad ER service. Nurses in the Emergency Room knew us and talked crap about us behind our back when they (thought) we couldn't hear them. Doctor believed we were druggies (which we are not). To top it off, our bill was sent to our parents when we specifically made it clear that we wanted it sent to the address we GAVE THEM! For the record, we are over 18 years old.


Stephen W


Three experiences not a 1 good, I think they push for cesarean sections to make more money, that's how it felt when my child was born. Had a very poor experience ask for a very mild sedative from when they suggested it they gave her a major one and then when she was sedated she was willing to agree to whatever they wanted to do.

james w



Katrinca D


Very friendly staff and Dr's to get you up and on your feet again

Amanda F


Wonderful place.

Guy S


Hope you got all day to stay. Sitting in room waiting for them to do my surgery.scheduled for 9:30a it's 12:34 pm now. Have not heard from staff or anyone for an hour. Have not had anything to eat for 18 hrs. This place has went to hell since mountain states took here with my wife she is the one having surgery or I would get out of here and find a real hospital.

Tracy M


Wonderful staff members. Very kind & compassionate.

Ira O


Good awlful nuerosurgions in the brain and spine center

Abby S


Horrrible horrible! Long waits!!! Been 6 hours since I’ve been seen! See all sorts of people go before when I was here first.. all they care about is money!!

Amy C


All was great!

joseph m


Cleanliness is in need of work along with there bedside manner but they offer a great trama sector that even the veterans hospital right next door does not

robert w


We visited walk in clinic. It was easy to find, easy to access, and the friendly staff provided us efficient medical care. It sure beats waiting for an appointment at regular doctor's office!

Christie C


Very bad customer service. Got to the emergency room I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant and they took forever to see me. I was bleeding and in severe pain I had to walk out of that place. Worse hospital I've ever visited. They give me no medical attention



I'm completely pissed at my experience. My fiance is pregnant with twins and we came in here because she was concerned about some pre labor symptoms. It took no time to get wheeled over to a room. That is where a star came from. The guy was nice who pushed her over to the pregnancy ward. Hooray! Other than that. They had us in a room. Asked her to undress, did not supply a robe or garmet. Had her unhook herself each time she had to use the restroom. Nothing was given to her. (Ex.No IV for Hydration or something to help) We had a single swab done. We were told if the swab comes back positive the results will be inconclusive if negative we'd get more information. She also peed in a cup for a sample. Just in case she checked the cervix to make complete sure everything is ok. She was dialated a bit near the front. We waited and waited, four hours later. I mean 4 whole hours. I went out to find our nurse and even said to the people at the desk hey she is uncomfortable. Still no one came at all. Then we hit the 4 hour mark at this point. Finally someone came in. The individual wasn't even our original nurse. (Shift change I guess) She just did another cervix check and said well you are dilated in the front and not the back. (Ok, good) Also you are extremely dehydrated. (Gotcha, so that causes contractions? Ok, good to know) But could it have hurt to maybe have hydrated her in the beginning of that was a possibility? Or maybe not left a possibly dehydrated pregnant women to sit for 4 hours just to be told that. Like come on. No sincerity, no emotion, no care. Now we are sent home with a huge waste of our time. We could have just googled that and had her drink more water and called it a day, but because we are concerned parent we care to make sure. No concern was used and no care was used. I am completely angry at the lack of humanity shown here.

Moriah C


We moved here from Florida and the staff for labor and delivery were amazing! It is my first pregnancy and they are very supportive and great at explaining and answering questions. I recommend anyone to deliver here!

Kenny D


I must say they have saved my life so many times. a hour and half away. This is were I always get sent to over my heart. They have been very good to me and all there are very knowledgeable on many things they are best known for the heart part. I would travel anywhere to get to them......

Christie F


First, its horrible to even find the main entrance. Its not clearly marked. The ladies at the information desk ignored me until I finally said, excuse me. They were very busy with their puzzle books. Second , they didn't have my doctor's order for the MRI. Even though someone from here called to verify my appointment a few days before. Third, they didn't even have my name correct. I had to struggle to fix that. Fifth, the hospital was filthy. I was afraid to even use the bathroom.

I am still sitting here waiting to see if they can even find the orders for my MRI. If I wasn't in so much pain and wanting to find out what is wrong, I wouldn't bother to stay. In fact, my appointment was at 11:30. It's now 11:15. I will be leaving at my appointment time and just find some other place for my MRI.

Barbara M


If go to the ER u can count on a long wait! Wait to see a nurse, wait again, and go back to a room and wait again ! I mean really? This day and time why don't they just have a section broke down like a clinic with a doctor there to see the ones that aren't seen as fast because the ones worse get seen faster no matter if you've been there waiting n somebody comes in that needs care asap well you've got another longer wait time ! I understand some really need be seen asap so why not have a Section like a walk in 24 hour clinic to cut down wait time and get people through faster? guess they don't want to pay anyone to work there n need save money over their ratings. And they were busy late at night. I got there about 11:30 pm and left about 3 about 3 to 3. 5 hours to be seen.



The people here like to take their sweet time helping people. When it comes to actually doing proper procedures, they fail. Now, I'm stuck in a temporary cast unable to go anywhere for a follow-up because the ER department did not do what they're supposed to in order for me to be able to actually go to an out-patient clinic. Do not go here if you actually want to be taken care of.

Donna C


Went there for back surgery....had a student nurse to tell me that I didnt need my heart regulator medication...and that my blood pressure was just fine... I had to get my surgeon to get my meds for me...even he was livid. Great good...had problems when mother in law was in there. You have to constantly watch what they were doing. I will say the food was good...and that was contracted in.

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